This Gibberish

by Matthew Stoker

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so I tried to do this thing:
and didn't quite make it
but anyway here are 6 new songs
and one that I wrote with Eliza Hoag back in the day when were Too Bad Alaskan!


released March 2, 2014

Matthew Stoker - Vocals, Guitar, Drum Programming




Matthew Stoker Montreal, Québec

indie pop from montreal

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Track Name: Brush Fire
we arrived
travelling different roads
but we all took the same exit
it brought us here
to the middle of nowhere
cause nowhere is where we're wanted
and the roads merged
and bled into the water
so we ferried across it
past the shipwrecks
to the campsite
with the stone-ringed the fire pit

where someone lit a match
where there a spark
where we ignited
just before dark

we were just like a brush fire
dancing and dangerous
all of us like a brush fire
so energetic; aimless

on the grill:
carrots, broccoli, & tofu
in our hands:
wine and cigarettes
the smoke rose
into a sky so dark
you could see distant satellites
were caught up
in their hi-beams:
when the sky exploded with fireweed
and emerald green
of juniper nettles
slicing through the crisp air

like someone lit a match
for there surely was a spark
yes, something ignited
there in the dark

and it was just like a brush fire
dancing and dangerous
everything like a brush fire
so energetic; aimless

and the match was lit
and our eyes were opened
and there were sparks
in our muscle tissues

we were like a brush fire
dancing and dangerous
all of us so much like a brush fire
so energetic; aimless

like a brush fire
like a brush fire.
Track Name: Fox Lake Incident
i've been in such a dark place
but now the light is there
literally staring me in the face
it's coming round the corner
at a hundred miles an hour
sneaking round the edges
shining like a signal tower
from outer space

the car stereo went silent
and all of us stopped breathing
for a heartbeat
and i let my foot off of the gas pedal and just felt us coast
felt the pavement through the rubber
felt a shiver run up my spine
and there was a gridiron of light up in the sky
yeah it was as big as a football field
and it was spinning

and in that first moment
none of us could believe our eyes
but none of us could say it
none of us would say it
Track Name: Femme Fattal
I know that you're sick and tired of drinking alone
lucky for you (maybe not so much for me) I'm in need of a little
company too so I'll reach over and i will wait until it's my turn

to ease the tension wires
after we've imbibed

soon i will find out that you are only in
this one for the drinkin'
and i'm only here fullfilling a simple need while my own agenda
gets twisted around your finger to the point where i don't wanna

miss a single moment of
our bodies tangled up

how come we only make love
when we're drunk as fuck?
Track Name: Waiting Long
have you been waiting long
for me to come
in through your door
in the form of a letter

written in my icy hand
or with a pen
gripped between
chattering teeth
to tell you

i've been waiting too long
to shake the snow off my boots in the hall
to embrace you by the stairs
to spend another moment in your presence

is it selfish for me
to think of you
while the frozen sea quickly
buries my crew

forget the mission we're on
i long to be back home inside your arms
i'd give anything at all i'd ride the storms
back to temperate weather

but i must write you to inform
you that the expedition can't go on
Antarctica has won
and our heartbeats drum til we're frozen over

take good care of you and yours
i'm freezer-burnt beyond the point of redemption
the snow and ice have won
so sincerely yours this is my last entry.

o we'll beat our drums til we're frozen over
i'll sing out your hymn to the icy tundra
leave this letter with what's left of my body

this is my last entry.
Track Name: Alpha Couple Fanfic
i thought we made a pact
that i would darken your doorway no more
but not all pacts
are signed in blood

in fact i know this one wasn't
though there was sweat and there were tears
and now i'm ringing your doorbell
i mean you promised beers

what do you expect?
i'm only human
i always go back to the source
seeking that same old warmth

and you opened the door
you hung there like a shadow back in the hall
and you lead me into
my best dreams and opened the shudders to all of my nightmares

you said we were like poison for each other
but i drank down the vial
and you've got the antidote in your
crooked smile

teeth white as tombstones
dripping with wine stains
looks like this torch song of ours
is gonna get one last refrain

so let's make it a good one
let's not drive each other crazy too much
i know i've done some bad things
and so have you

so let's salvage what we can
while the oxygen lasts
if we don't die in this shipwreck
we'll be rich the moment we make it back

hold on to the flash light
won't you grab my hand real tight
we're groping in the darkness
scouting the wreck for gold doubloons

the hull of the galleon
is rotting away
given enough time
everything will decay
Track Name: -40°
Well it's gonna be cold
It's gonna be colder
It's gonna be a fuckin' freezing winter
I'm scared my baby's gonna leave me
I cannot provide for her
I'm scared she's gonna leave before the river freeze
She says she can take it no more

Now I'm grovelling here on the floor
but she just walked past out the door
Saying that we will still be friends
but she met this guy Sven with a dog team of 24

Well it's gonna be cold
It's gonna be colder
It's gonna be a fuckin' freezing winter

It's impossible to relax here
My numb fingers can't grab this axe here
No more laying in the furs with my lady
I feel like a skinned baby

One day she passed by me she was riding on a sled
turns out she'd left Sven for some guy named Fred
Both of them laughed at my discontent
which fired it to a steely malintent

It's time to leave before I see red
and really start to lose my head
Right now it's filled with southern dreams: baby peaches on the tree
But now hypothermia's got me

It's been cold
and it's been colder
It's really been a fucking freezing winter
And now I'm just bones
Track Name: Garage Sale Love Song
i am a typewriter
my ivory fingers
crack and curse
with every sentence i transcribe
won't you be a poet
and rescue me
from my suburban dreams
fill my head with all your fancy
i will find a new purpose
once you've polished
the stains off my surface
and strung me up with a new ribbon
i will come alive
when our fingers touch
and yours gently glide
exploring new territories

i am just trying to keep all the pieces together
i need a good home to keep me from rusting in this rainy weather
i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

i am a pentax k-1000
i shoot 35
millimetre film
in black and white
won't you be an artist
o be my eyes
focus the lens
set the aperture wide
won't you take me
far from my home
these cardboard boxes
overflowing with old electronics
take me to see the sights
i'll bear you many children
in prints glossy
in high resolution

i am just trying to keep all the pieces together
i need a good home to keep me from rusting in this rainy weather
i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship