by Matthew Stoker

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Recorded on a 4-track in my bedroom, Montreal, April 2014.
Side "A" is a little taste of the upcoming record, "Fireweed Songs"
Side "B" is an acoustic version of a track from: matthewstoker.bandcamp.com/album/this-gibberish

Thanks to my good buddy Steve Rachel for laying down that bone-crunching bass, and to Rob and Tam for making the recordings sound way nicer than they should have.


released March 26, 2015

Guitar/Vocals: Matthew Stoker
Bass: Steve Rachel
Recording: Rob Reed
Mix: Tam Kadjulik (soundcloud.com/atamone)




Matthew Stoker Montreal, Québec

indie pop from montreal

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Track Name: Oatmeal
spark the burner
on the old gas stove
lettuce leaves beyond the window
in the sunlight glow

put the kettle on the coffee
pour out a bowl of instant oats
I need fibre in my belly
this old train needs its coal

my pullman cars are empty
as I pull away from you
got a destination printed on my ticket
but losing it has crossed my mind

there's plenty of good fortune
coming down the line
just make it through breakfast
pay it no mind

drink the last tetra pak
there'll be no turning back
use up all the maple syrup
in the fridge

keep a close eye on the time
as mind and watch unwind
thought I saw you in the sink
but it was just bubbles in disguise

my heart is a sponge
and I must wring out your love
my nerves are a dish rag
all warn out and frayed

time is a good seamstress
she'll stitch us both back up
for now just focus on maps and distance

maps and distance
the final dishes have been done
'til the new tenants come around

and all the shit that I don't need
I left in boxes by the street
but what's it matter when all I want is you?

but I must me leaving before fall
and winter come to call
and I put on my coat and walk out the trailer

move your boots from place to place
even if leaving breaks your heart
just find new ways to feed the hunger

can't help but smile as I walk into the light
so here's to love and here's to breakfast
Track Name: Femme Fattal
I know that you're sick and tired of drinking alone
lucky for you (maybe not so much for me) I'm in need of a little
company too so I'll reach over and i will wait until it's my turn

to ease the tension wires
after we've imbibed

soon i will find out that you are only in
this one for the drinkin'
and i'm only here fullfilling a simple need while my own agenda
gets twisted around your finger to the point where i don't wanna

miss a single moment of
our bodies tangled up

how come we only make love
when we're drunk as fuck?