Drinkin' Alone Again​.​.​. On Christmas

by Matthew Stoker

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happy holidays everyone here's 8 hurin' country tunes to keep you warm when the whiskey runs out

Drinkin' Alone Again... is copyright of me, every other track is copyright of their respective rights holders. no infringement intended, keep it peaceful and harmonious this holiday season <3


released December 25, 2015

Matthew Stoker: vocals, guitar, banjolele, chord organ, glockenspiel
Ola Kado: violin, vocals
Ramblin' J.J. Walker: guitar, vocals



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Matthew Stoker Montreal, Québec

indie pop from montreal

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Track Name: Drinkin' Alone Again... On Christmas
breakup/breakup (drinkin’ alone again on christmas)

what will i do when the whiskey jar is empty?
what will i do when this one horse town runs dry?
there’ll be no more booze till the breakup
and breakin’ up’s why i got you on my mind

what will i do spending christmas eve without you
hanging stockings on the mantle by my side
this year the only gift for me is way over yonder by a hollow tree
one last drop in the still up in the pines

you left me babe
when the river froze
you said it was
bound to happen

so many winters
in an off the grid cabin
it takes courage

but you’ve left me with none of my own
any my will to live is gone
picking fights with wolves
and hypothermia

i don’t make this my home
to cry on any shoulders
i’m pretty good
at crying on my own

when i’m drinkin alone again
on christmas morn

what will i do when it’s time to carve the turkey
when all i’ve got’s potatoes, beets, and rice
i’ll boil myself down a batch, let the starch ferment inside the mash
at least i'll fill a glass before the breakup

what will i do with the mistletoe and holly
with nobody to kiss beneath the leaves
dying plants remind me of the finite nature of our love
darlin’ why’d you up and leave

you left me babe
when the river froze
and i ain’t seen
the sun since

some days i watch
the aurora borealis
and i think of you looking up at it

but you’re still a full sky of stars away
and these ones don’t say nothing
all i do is stare into the void

you and i both hail from nothing
that’s all that’s left of me
but i don’t feel so small
i’ve got alcohol

i’m drinkin alone again
on christmas morning