Blind Moon

by Matthew Stoker

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released June 9, 2013

songs, performance, production: Matthew Stoker, June 2013
photography, artwork: M. Thom Smith, 2011/2013




Matthew Stoker Montreal, Québec

indie pop from montreal

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Track Name: Arrival In Dawson
Upon stepping out of the aeroplane, it was an instant love. It was an instance where that first footfall had me swallowed up into this infinite land--a frontier final--and in September there still shone so much sun. It was an endless dawn. (An endless dawn). On first drawing breath from the mountain air there was a cleansing of my spirit & my lungs and when I exhaled I imagined my exultation taking to the sky to join the Northern Lights. It's not that i can speak for everyone: the gold rush now is over (&) the wolves have won.

I'm standing at the runway waiting for my ride to come.
Track Name: Dick Turpin
drag me from the gravesite i can wait
for my reunion at the gates
with my mother
and i will roam upon these restless legs again
thanks to the tricks and the trades
of the body-snatchers

but i'll be back below ground before long
so they'll send my soul back up on the song
of the sparrow
and i'll summon up my spirit horse black bess
and we will make our way back home
with no fixed address

again i'll make my way along the road
after i take my last breath through these lips of stone

but there's a lot of work to do
there's a lot of blood left on my boots

and there are many miles to go
but i'll meet you further on up the road

i'm going far away from these flat fields and the gallows pole
i'm going to leave behind my body and all that it knows
it's peaceful under the headstone where the maggots and the worms crawl
but i've earned my place on the highway so i'll shed my pall
between the carriages and motorcars, unsaddled i will ride
and i'll spook lovers out for their sunday drives
i can not steal no longer for possessions i can not hold
but that won't stop me from being bold
as i once was.

go! i will go, i will go, i will!
go! i will go, i will go, i'll meet you further
go! i will go, i will go, i will!
go! i will go, i will go, on up the road.
Track Name: Blind Moon
won't you make me a mountain
won't you raise me a peak
stop digging valleys
stop drilling mines
& run thru the forest and reach above the tree line

i want to feel the fire inside of me
like the molten guts of vesuvius
i want my life force to flow fast and cold
like runoff from glaciers capped with snow

but we live in the city so we'll ride on the metro tonight
drown under electric light
that made the moon go blind
swimming in electric light
that made the moon go blind

we'll sign our names on the factory walls
like we tattoo in ink upon our arms
try to break the ties that bind
for to reclaim this night

now in the back of my mind i wanna let lie
the empty useless shell of this great disguise

i wanna leave my apartment abandoned
next to at sell off lot full of cars and trucks all rusted up
make them homes for birds of prey
i'm gonna make me a home somewhere someday

we are such clever wolves
we've got our jackets
we've got gallons of spray paint

with patches for our clothes
with heavy rocks to throw
thru the windowpanes
it's time we embraced the rain

won't you meet me at the mountain
race me to the peak
we'll look out on valleys and the
sea's blue beyond

where the moon pulls the tides
and rests its weary eyes.
Track Name: Don't Let Me Let Myself Down
i keep expecting someone to find me
guided by the compass in my heart
i'd be the wine cork if you'd be the needle
cause i've given up guessing which way to point myself

i have lost my sense of direction
don't let me let myself down.

i'll take your spare room i'll make it my study
for all things of cartographic ink
armed with star charts and drawing constellations
i will map out the safer paths

redesign the cosmos somehow
don't let me let myself down

read the signs in the darkness somehow
don't let me let myself down

are we unpretentious now?
are we really that affable?
have we been stuck on the waiting list far too long?
should impatience take over--should we run (run run run)?

just don't let me let myself down.

(there's nothing that scares me more than a beating heart)
(so don't let me stop short before it starts)
(so light the candles, incant of the black arts if you will)
(just don't let me douse the match before the spark)