Fireweed Songs

by Matthew Stoker

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All songs written/recorded/produced by Matthew Stoker between 2014-2017


released January 10, 2017

Matthew Stoker: vocals, guitar, synthesizer, drum programming, glockenspiel, percussion
Nathaniel Marchand: bass, backing vocals
Ola Kado: violin, backing vocals
Special thanks to Nathaniel, Ola, Robin, and Julia for the pop punk screams



all rights reserved


Matthew Stoker Montreal, Québec

indie pop from montreal

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Track Name: Arrival In Dawson
Upon stepping out of the aeroplane, it was an instant love. It was an instance where that first footfall had me swallowed up into this infinite land--a frontier final--and in September there still shone so much sun. It was an endless dawn. (An endless dawn). On first drawing breath from the mountain air there was a cleansing of my spirit & my lungs and when I exhaled I imagined my exultation taking to the sky to join the Northern Lights. It's not that i can speak for everyone: the gold rush now is over (&) the wolves have won.

I'm standing at the runway waiting for my ride to come.
Track Name: Brush Fire
we arrived
travelling different roads
but we all took the same exit
it brought us here
to the middle of nowhere
cause nowhere is where we're wanted
and the roads merged
and bled into the water
so we ferried across it
past the shipwrecks
to the campsite
with the stone-ringed the fire pit

where someone lit a match
where there a spark
where we ignited
just before dark

we were just like a brush fire
dancing and dangerous
all of us like a brush fire
so energetic; aimless

on the grill:
carrots, broccoli, & tofu
in our hands:
wine and cigarettes
the smoke rose
into a sky so dark
you could see distant satellites
were caught up
in their hi-beams:
when the sky exploded with fireweed
and emerald green
of juniper nettles
slicing through the crisp air

like someone lit a match
for there surely was a spark
yes, something ignited
there in the dark

and it was just like a brush fire
dancing and dangerous
everything like a brush fire
so energetic; aimless

and the match was lit
and our eyes were opened
and there were sparks
in our muscle tissues

we were like a brush fire
dancing and dangerous
all of us so much like a brush fire
so energetic; aimless

like a brush fire
like a brush fire.
Track Name: Fox Lake Incident
i've been in such a dark place
but now the light is there
literally staring me in the face
it's coming round the corner
at a hundred miles an hour
sneaking round the edges
shining like a signal tower
from outer space

the car stereo went silent
and all of us stopped breathing
for a heartbeat
and i let my foot off of the gas pedal and just felt us coast
felt the pavement through the rubber tires
felt a shiver run up my spine
and there was a gridiron of light up in the sky
it was as big as a football field
and it was spinning

and in that first moment
none of us could believe our eyes
but none of us could say it
none of us would say it
Track Name: Freeze Up
the light is young
our bodies young

realization: our souls are old
our hearts are frozen

and they will stay frozen
while the ground does thaw
and they will stay cold
while the ice does melt
around us but winter
turning to spring won't change us
won't rearrange the pieces of our hearts
they'll stay cold and pure
and we won't lose our heads
the town this town won't change us
the wind will not shake at
the cabin door
our hearts trapped inside
with the stale air

our limbs in place
we succumb to stasis

our hearts to stone
if only glaciers would take their place

i wish i were more like the ice
breaking off into the fresh sunlight
more than a glimpse
in the ocean's eyes
tears in the ocean's eyes
in the new sunrise, at the dawn of spring
the mountain stream
ice again
til the winter's end
until the spring comes back around
and the circle starts again

and always becoming.
Track Name: Tea & Whiskey
washing down vitamin d pills
with beer swill
from the dimly lit hotel bar

i've got a flask in my breast pocket
for refills
when the 3 am last call cries

i know i will see the sunrise again
but right now i can't believe it

i fell asleep in the graveyard
my back on the hard ground
the soft snow made a sound

when i fell on it in my parka
the wolves howled
and my loneliness abounded

i know i will wake up somewhere warm soon
but right now i can't believe it

so what do you need
so what do you need
to get thru?

tea and whiskey and fine tuning
of your heart strings
in an open key
in the people's key
Track Name: My Old Mountain Home
come home in the evening
while the sun’s still high
and the spring rain runs rivulets
down the alaska highway

o my old mountain home
may the weeds and fungi prosper in the garden

crack open a pilsner
it’s time to rip the plastic off of the windows
& draw em wide
let the breath of the new season find ever crevice in the house

o my old mountain home
may the thoughts we left in the snowbanks stay buried down

it’ll be like old times, before the fall set in
sittin round the firepit, drinkin late with friends
we'll pass the spliffs, we'll shoot the shit
about the coming summer

the roof is rotting and starting to sag
from the snowfall last winter
there's lots to be jaded about:
cracks in the windows, fresh scars to heal

o my old mountain home
may we not forget the reasons we were drawn here
Track Name: Ghost Town (Candle=Time)
do you want to fall in love
or are you trying to break your own heart?
sometimes it’s hard to know the difference

do you want to take it slow
or are you trying to let it fizzle out?
time is a candle and it’s melting down

o i’ve got a feeling that there’s a spark
between our flint and tinder hearts
your house is on fire but i might hang around
build something up on that charred ground

do you want to get together
or do you want to get out of this town?
how hard would it be for you to just up and leave now?

do you think this is a good idea
or are you hoping i will change your mind
stray dog on the highway
i can't read the signs

at the edges of this four cornered night
there’s more than just comets taking flight
all your lovers are leaving but i just might
stick around; try to breathe new life into this ghost town
Track Name: Emile's Favourite Song
8 blocks away is all that it takes
to pass by this place
8 miles away
from the county line

800 lives is all you gotta take away
to make this a ghost town
800 souls
clinging on to the land

if you think that you can fuck around
then you thought wrong
in a town this small
we’ll all learn what we’re capable of

8 hours a day at minimum wage
is not enough to escape
not when your gash cash
is ate up by the bar tab

by 80 degrees heats up this room
when you walk inside
80 new arguments
form in my mind

like: if you think that you can fuck around
then you thought wrong
in a town this small
we’ll all learn what we’re capable of
Track Name: Oatmeal
spark the burner
on the old gas stove
lettuce leaves beyond the window
in the sunlight glow

put the kettle on the coffee
pour out a bowl of instant oats
i need fibre in my belly
this old train needs its coal

my pullman cars are empty
as i pull away from you
got a destination printed on my ticket
but losing it has crossed my mind

there's plenty of good fortune
coming down the line
just make it through breakfast
pay it no mind

drink the last tetra pak
there'll be no turning back
use up all the maple syrup
in the fridge

keep a close eye on the time
as mind and watch unwind
thought i saw you in the sink
but it was just bubbles in disguise

my heart is a sponge
and i must wring out your love
my nerves are a dish rag
all warn out and frayed

time is a good seamstress
she'll stitch us both back up
for now just focus on maps and distance

maps and distance
the final dishes have been done
'til the new tenants come around

and all the shit that i don't need
i left in boxes by the street
but what's it matter when all I want is you?

but i must me leaving before fall
and winter come to call
and i put on my coat and walk out the trailer

move your boots from place to place
even if leaving breaks your heart
just find new ways to feed the hunger

can't help but smile as i walk into the light
so here's to love and here's to breakfast
Track Name: Overcast
i need to clean up
i need to dry out
i need to walk off
all my fears and doubts

i need a long drive
with little to think about
just staring out the window
watching it all come down

life can get so heavy sometimes
it weighs you down
leaves you by the roadside
shaking like a lost flightless bird

who still remembers
those last few seconds
before the car tires’ swerved
in the wrong direction

i need to clean up
i need to dry out on the line
i need to walk off the wounds
on my body and mind

i need a long while
just sittin’ round thinkin’ ‘bout
everything that came between us
how did it all go down?

cause i’ve been overcast
i’ve been caught out of love
i’ve been scratched right off of the map
i should be seeing someone who

warms my bed
in a different way than i’m used to
someone who warms my bed
in a different way than you used to

i’ve been overcast
i’ve been caught out of love
i’ve been blown off of the map
i should be seeing someone new
Track Name: All Running
we left something behind
back there in the foothills, up in the pines
in the pines, in the pines
in the darkest corners of our minds

let’s load up backpacks get our gear all in line
we’ll leave only memories of asphalt behind
for the pines for the pines
for the darkest corners of our minds

(we’re all running we’re all running)

we’re all running from something
we’ve all got our reasons to burrow under the ground
when the sun hides in winter
where the bones of the caribou will be buried down
in cold december
once the trees have traded their leaves for their snowy shrouds
let us become hunters
let the wolves that roam the tundra know our howls

we’re all some kind of feral
we all get that animal feeling when pawing the ground
where the instinct lies dreaming
where the words of our ancestors whisper with every sound
at summer solstice
where the sun and the moon make twin jewels for the mountain’s crown
let’s give ourselves to the forest
where the heartbeat of nothing and everything can be found
Track Name: Plenty
may there be plenty of people to sit round your table when you’re old
plenty of glasses clinking and stories to sing
and when it comes the time to go clear off the desert forks
hope you’ll sit down with me over a pot of tea

what will be the last thought when you close your eyes goodnight
may it be the best damn thought you’ve had all day
and when it comes the time to go make the bed come morning
may there be poetry in every linen crease

may there be plenty of seagulls circling the shoreline when you float on
may the lighthouse beams shine on all in sight
and when it comes the time to drift off from the moorings
may the stars in the sky guide your sails tonight

what will be the last thought running through your head
may it be the best damn thought you’ve ever had
and when it comes the time for us to pass around the prayer books
may there be poetry in every line we read